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A Hiking Tour around the Annapurna Sanctuary Region

This was my first hiking tour through Nepal was organised by the "Summit Club Munich" in autumn 2000. (The travel organiser of the German Alpinist Association - DAV).
Our hiking team were five pleasant and steadfast companions from Germany and my well-tried and close friend Udo from Saxony. We were a small group and a good team. And we were taking very pleasure for these four weeks.
The start point was Besi Sahar and this hiking tour ended nearby Pokhara. The way has a distance of 200 kilometres roughly estimated and we overcame a difference in altitude from more than 4000 metres. The arrival from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar and form Pokhara to back - we went per bus several hours. From Besi Sahar we walked along the river valleys in direction to the pass Thorong La with a height of 5400 m. There we was going more than 14 days and it had been the highest place in my life.
We saw a wonderful landscape from the lovely colored subtropics and a very drying out desert of rocks in over 4000 metres.
You are welcome to view my digitalised color slides on the following pages.

The Khumbu - Everest - Lotse Round Tour

My second tour in Nepal are again realised by the DAV Summit Club Munich from the 10th October 2002 to the 2nd November 2002.
Again I were accompanied by my friend Udo and by nine other hikers - most of them came from Bavaria and two men from Switzerland.
We were flying from Munich to Kathmandu and the very next day we got the airplane to Lukla (above 3000 m). From there it went further upwards on foot higher than 4000 metres. Our next destination was Namche Basar, we arrived on 13th.
Here we stayed two days and after it we were doing a one week tour for acclimatizing in this region. Following we were on the way to the Everest region, to the very long glacier "Khumbu". We walked and climbed on the Kalar Pattar (5600 m) in the afternoon of 19th. But we did not go to the Everest Basecamp because it was enough this day. Actually the Everest was not our highest destination, but it was the Island Peak with a top of 6200 m.
On the 25th October the group without Udo and I went to the Island Peak and four climbers were on the summit: Franz, Konrad, Christoph and Hans. Udo and I were staying in Dengwoche and we had two really shiny days. However we felt sympathy with the climbers.
Two days later we were going to back at Namche via Tengboche, the greatest monastery gompa here.
After it we went to back to Kathmandu, where we arrived at the 30th October. Then we flew back to Germany, where we landed in Munich at the 1st November.
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